Enhancing Decision Writing: Top Tips for Tribunals

I recently presented tips and best practices on decision writing at the 9th Decision Writing Seminar put on by Federated Press in Ottawa. Here are the top tips for tribunals to enhance decision writing. I will post the top tips for decision writers in a later post.

  1. Develop templates for each type or kind of decision (that can be altered by decision writers).
  2. Give decision-makers time to write. Writing requires blocks of time.
  3. Make sure decisions are accessible – for those with visual disabilities and for literacy.
  4. Explore ways to get feedback from parties on the structure and quality of decision writing.
  5. Provide regular training on aspects of decision writing, preferably in-house with a focus on real decisions.
  6. Provide mentors for decision writers or facilitate mentorship opportunities.
  7. Provide coaching for decision makers who either request it, or are in need of it. Areas for coaching can include, writing, organization, and time management.


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